The Best Month To Play Golf In Portugal Goes To…

what is the best month to play golf in portugal

Wondering what is the best month to play golf in Portugal? In many countries, most people can enjoy playing golf only during the seasons when the weather is suitable. This makes it quite hard for them to enjoy a good game all through the year.

Portugal is one of these countries. Therefore, if you’re planning a golf break in Portugal, you need to choose the right time to go there.

There are many options available, but we truly believe the best time to play golf in Portugal is between the months of March and May.

Read on to learn why this is our favorite time of the year for a golf break!

Algarve: Portugal’s Tourist and Golf Hub

Golf vacations in Portugal are usually linked with the region of Algarve. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Portugal, and for good reason. Beautiful blue waters, the breathtaking landscapes, the abundance of greenery, and the delicious seafood are some of the reasons many tourists love visiting Algarve, especially for a golf break.

There are lots of golf courses in Algarve, and each of them will give you a unique experience of its own. From private clubs to public courses, from casual golfing to professional challenges, from budget-friendly to luxurious – Algarve has something for everyone.

Some of these courses in Algarve were created by big names in golf, like Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, and Arnold Palmer. Not only is it the host of some of the most enjoyable golf courses in Portugal, but of the whole European continent as well.

Monte Rei is usually regarded as the most prestigious golf course in the country. Furthermore, courses like the Vale do Lobo, Vilamoura Old Course San Lorenzo and the Quinta do Lago are widely acclaimed too.

Naturally, many hotels and golf resorts take up a big chunk of the Algarve skyline. Most of them offer all-inclusive golf holidays for tourists, including budget offers. Since the economy of Algarve is highly dependant on tourism, Algarve is quite friendly to guests.

Breakdown by Month

Here’s what you need to know about golf courses and weather conditions throughout the year in Portugal.


This is the quietest month to play golf. Accommodation and course rates are usually quite cheap during this month.

Occupation of Courses: Empty

Season: Low

Average temperature:16.2°c

Rainfall: 28mm

Cloudy days: 16{37dd212b916d4c55920508b00ecebee09fe871171e7ccbcff5d6c47ba8abfe0e}

Sunrise: 07:44

Sunset: 17:38


The weather gets slightly better with a less likelihood of rainfall. Moreover, accommodation rates during this month remain almost as cheap as in January.

Occupation of Courses: Quiet

Season: Mid

Average temperature:17°c

Rainfall: 18mm

Cloudy days: 17{37dd212b916d4c55920508b00ecebee09fe871171e7ccbcff5d6c47ba8abfe0e}

Sunrise: 07:21

Sunset: 18:11


In March, the weather gets even better and subsequently, the courses start getting busier. Keep in mind that you need to book early as the preferred available tee times are somewhat difficult to book. Look for special Easter promotions during that period.

Occupation of Courses: Busy

Season: High

Average temperature:19.1°c

Rainfall: 16mm

Cloudy days: 18{37dd212b916d4c55920508b00ecebee09fe871171e7ccbcff5d6c47ba8abfe0e}

Sunrise: 06:42

Sunset: 18:39


April is the fourth busiest month of the year for courses in the Algarve. The weather gets quite enjoyable and special Easter period promotions continue during this month.

Occupation of Courses: Busy

Season: High

Average temperature:20.5°c

Rainfall: 19mm

Cloudy days: 10{37dd212b916d4c55920508b00ecebee09fe871171e7ccbcff5d6c47ba8abfe0e}

Sunrise: 06:57

Sunset: 20:07


The courses during this month get super busy and the green fees significantly increase. Pre-booking in the month of May would be a good idea.

Occupation of Courses: Very busy

Season: High

Average temperature: 23°c

Rainfall: 14mm

Cloudy days: 8{37dd212b916d4c55920508b00ecebee09fe871171e7ccbcff5d6c47ba8abfe0e}

Sunrise: 06:23

Sunset: 20:33


As a result of the weather getting much hotter, accommodation rates start dropping dramatically. Many hotels offer special summer promotions during the month that extend to as late as September.

Occupation of Courses: Busy

Season: Mid

Average temperature:27°c

Rainfall: 4mm

Cloudy days: 8{37dd212b916d4c55920508b00ecebee09fe871171e7ccbcff5d6c47ba8abfe0e}

Sunrise: 06:12

Sunset: 20:53


July is the hottest month in Algarve. Avoid early afternoon tee times because the heat will make the experience unpleasant. Several competitions usually take place throughout this month. Again, check for discounted summer promotions before booking.

Occupation of Courses: Quiet

Season: Low

Average temperature: 29°c

Rainfall: 2mm

Cloudy days: 8{37dd212b916d4c55920508b00ecebee09fe871171e7ccbcff5d6c47ba8abfe0e}

Sunrise: 06:24

Sunset: 20:51


The month of August is just a little cooler than July, so early morning or late afternoon tee times would be ideal. Summer promotions continue during this month.

Occupation of Courses: Quiet

Season: Low

Average temperature:28°c

Rainfall: 2mm

Cloudy days: 8{37dd212b916d4c55920508b00ecebee09fe871171e7ccbcff5d6c47ba8abfe0e}

Sunrise: 06:49

Sunset: 20:23


The weather gets cooler in September and until the 15th of the month, you can still make a last-minute booking of a summer promotion. After that, the hotels start raising up the rates and the courses get busier, so early booking is recommended.

Occupation of Courses: Busy

Season: Mid/high

Average temperature: 26°c

Rainfall: 11mm

Cloudy days: 5{37dd212b916d4c55920508b00ecebee09fe871171e7ccbcff5d6c47ba8abfe0e}

Sunrise: 07:14

Sunset: 19:39


October marks the beginning of the golfing high season and the main Algarve courses are significantly busy, so it’s advised to try to book tee times as early as possible. This one of the best months to play golf in Portugal.

Occupation of Courses: Very busy

Season: High

Average temperature: 23.2°c

Rainfall: 25mm

Cloudy days: 14{37dd212b916d4c55920508b00ecebee09fe871171e7ccbcff5d6c47ba8abfe0e}

Sunrise: 07:40

Sunset: 18:55


November is a good time to enjoy playing golf in Portugal, but it still depends on the weather. Some days could be warm while other days could be cloudy and rainy.

It would be a good idea to check the weather forecast for the month and pick days with the most suitable weather conditions.

Occupation of Courses: Quiet

Season: Mid

Average temperature:19.3°c

Rainfall: 23mm

Cloudy days: 16{37dd212b916d4c55920508b00ecebee09fe871171e7ccbcff5d6c47ba8abfe0e}

Sunrise: 07:11

Sunset: 17:22


Just like January, December is also a really quiet month. With the weather getting cold, some courses are closed for maintenance.

Occupation of Courses: Empty

Season: Low

Average temperature:16.8°c

Rainfall: 26mm

Cloudy days: 16{37dd212b916d4c55920508b00ecebee09fe871171e7ccbcff5d6c47ba8abfe0e}

Sunrise: 07:38

Sunset: 17:16

Why the March-May Period is Our Favorite Time for a Golf Holiday in Portugal

The period between March and May is probably the best time to play golf in Portugal, and for good reason. At that time frame, the temperature hovers around 21°c with a low likelihood of rainfall. Not only is the weather amazing for golfing, but you also get to enjoy special Easter period promotions.

Keep in mind that the courses will be busy during these months. You can always choose to go there during quieter, off-season times, in months like August and November.

In August, the weather could get too hot for golfing to be enjoyable, and in November, the weather can get unpredictable, with rainy and cloudy days being more common than in other months.

Best Budget Golf Courses in Portugal

Here’s a shortlist for some of the best affordable golf courses in Portugal.

Bellavista Golf Course

Established in 1916, this members club is strategically located near the coastline, so the players can enjoy the astonishing view while they play. Not only that, but it’s also quite challenging.

Isla Canela

This 17 hole, 72 par parkland golf course is bordered by water from every direction. It’s located in a natural reserve, near to where the Guadiana River empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

La Monacilla Golf Club

Located near a pine forest, this golf course features a beautiful view to admire. If you’re after a tranquil environment, this is the right course for you.

Top Luxurious Golf Resorts in Portugal

If luxury is what you’re looking for, check out these top-rated golf resorts in Portugal.

Cascade Wellness & Lifestyle Resort, Algarve

This resort is located right on the sea in the City of Lagos, western Algarve, with many golf courses nearby. The hotel is located in Lagos, a city in the western Algarve.

There are many top-quality golf courses near the resort, with the closest one being the Boavista golf course.

The Oitavos, Cascais

The Oitavos is a smart hotel located near the sea, with the exclusive golf course Oitavos Dunes that’s widely regarded as the best in the region. It was designed in 2001 by Arthur Hill.

It’s an 18 hole course and it’s seriously invested in nature conservation. You can hire equipment there, in addition to buggies and caddies.

Palacio Estoril, Cascais

The hotel is located in Estoril, a small village near Lisbon. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Atlantic from the terrace. Nearby, you’ll find some of the best golf courses in Portugal. From the terrace, you have a beautiful view of the Atlantic.

The golf course Estoril Golf Club is five minutes away from the hotel. It’s one of the oldest and most reputable golf courses in Portugal.

The Golf Traveller Checklist

A key to enjoying any trip is to pack right! Here’s are some of the essential things you’ll need during your golfing trip.

A Pair of Shades

You’ll be spending a long time in daylight and thus, taking a pair of sunglasses with you makes sense. You’ll protect your eyes and even improve your game.

A Shirt that Matches Everything

No one likes to travel heavy with a huge bag and a ton of outfits. It’d be a good idea to have a classy golf shirt that can match almost any pair of pants or shorts.

A basic black or white shirt would be ideal, with white being more preferred because it reflects some of the sun rays.

A Travel Cover for Your Clubs

On any golf trip, you have to take good care of clubs. An improperly packed golf shirt can be ironed or replaced easily. On the other hand, you’ll be in trouble if anything happened to your clubs. Therefore, you need to invest in a high-quality travel cover to protect your clubs.

A Portable Umbrella

Even if your weather app tells you it’s not going to rain, the weather always remains unknown, and you have to be prepared. Pick a sturdy, compact umbrella that’s easy to store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book a Golf Course in Portugal?

To book a specific golf course in Portugal, you can visit the website of the course. Just google the name of the golf course and it will pop up in the search results. Here’s a list of the most popular golf courses in Portugal:

Additionally, some websites allow you to scan for available courses, and they’ll also give you details about the green fees and whether there are any promotions.

Are There Golf Courses in Regions Other Than Algarve?

While Algarve is the most popular region in Portugal for golf holidays in Portugal, there are golf courses in other cities too, including Lisbon, Oporto, Madeira, and the Azores.

What Are the Visa Requirements to Visit Portugal?

Portugal is a country within the Schengen Area, and therefore, depending on your country of residence, you may need to apply for a Schengen visa in order to visit Portugal. If you do need a visa, make sure to apply a few months before your visit.

What Languages Do Portuguese People Speak?

Portugal has a high English proficiency index. Many people there can speak and understand English, with most people working in the tourism industry being fluent in English, so no worries!

While Portuguese and Spanish are often considered to be similar, only a small percent of the Portuguese population can speak Spanish. Furthermore, a decent number of Portuguese people can speak French.

How Safe Is Portugal?

Portugal is one of the safest countries in Europe and the crime rates are considerably low. It’s usually ranked as one of the safest countries in the world.

A golf holiday in Portugal is a fun getaway for both amateurs and professionals. Whether you choose to go there during high or low seasons, make sure to plan your trip well ahead to get the best possible experience.