About Us


Golfing Answers is here to to do just that – give you the answers to the questions that you have about golf.

We are made up of a small group of golfers at all different levels of playing ability and we all bring something different to table.

This website represents the questions the we have ourselves or that we find as we progress and want to share those answers with you our readers.

If you have any suggestions for the content we produce or would like to contribute yourself then we’d love to hear from you so please just get touch.

We don’t just answer questions for beginners we also cover topics that more advanced players want to see answered too and so this determines to an extent the length and type of content that we will output.

Some people come to us to get simple answers to simple questions and this is absolutely fine but then some people want a definitive guide or just some way of being able to find out some information that they would like such as the best type of golf course they could play on in a particular country etc.

We are based in the UK but our answers reflect the game of golf throughout the world so you can take our answers pretty much as the correct solution to the question that you have regardless of where you are based.

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